So, then. We start off with the news that aren’t THAT new anymore, but before we really begin, we’ll show you what has been happening up to now. The Scribtee product range has now fifteen T-Shirts to offer. Those three were the last ones that came from the printer in order to fit your bodies and T-Shirt needs:


 We start off with this quite fishy “Submarine” by contest winner Toni “Readystyle” Garcia. On “Royal Blue” for boys and “Light Navy” for girls – we have a light navy of little beasts that confronts good old Yellow Submarine. Fish unite!


Impossible Love” was a case of a contest entry that didn’t win during the voting period, but you loved this heartbreakingly tragic little romance, and so did we. So we had it printed to black shirts and awarded creator Adrian Serralta with 300 € and a 50 € shopping coupon. This should show that chances of having your tees printed are not that low if you only have a magnificent idea or some great design.


Same thing can be said about the “Fantasy Dreams” by Anxo Vizcaíno – a motive that has unicorns, a rainbow, a lollipop, ghosts, a rocket and sweet comic characters is destined to go on T-Shirts.

All designs are printed on shirts of eco-friendly and fair trade cotton by Continental Clothing (no, they have nothing to do with tires!), who absolutely convinced us with their cosy and high quality garment. They’re available now, as long as we have them in stock!