So January is over (a while). After the end of the voting period and with a little discussion we can announce further winners whose motives will find their way on our T-Shirts soon:


First we have what designer “malota” called the “Most weird landscape ever”.  I agree it’s kinda weird, but at least not hostile, I think it has a friendly face. Not the hills, the houses have eyes here. Images partly replaced by words. This is (almost) always a good approach, to see in perfection in this awesome music video. Congrats anyway!


Also congrats to kakolak from France who breaks the Spanish domination on Scribtee with his “Human Nature” design (though… his name Iñaki Gonzalez sounds kinda Spanish). Trees are always a good motive and this face is both a bit scary and truly impressive. A look at his blog shows us that Scribtee is not the first contest he wins… but you might have guessed that from this design quality. We think it’s almost a piece of art and we are already excited to see how it turns out.

And we’re excited to see what you have in store for future designs. Surprise us, surprise yourselves, start designing and participate at!