We sometimes feel a bit bad about receiving these compliments for our shirts. Well, we’re working on ensuring top quality, chosing top shirts, caring about top prints, trying to satisfy customers etc. But what makes a great shirt in first place? Great designs, right. So, let’s be modest: you, dear designers and participants, you put the “scrib” in “scribtee”. So we’re using this blog to give these designers some space, introduce themselves, talk about their work and their ideas.

Queen Aerosol

We’re starting off with Spanish designer and graffiti artist Iker Muro who gave us this dope style “Queen Aerosol“. Make sure you check out his website www.murocracia.com, there’s a lot to see up there. We took some pics from his site to give you an idea. So, here he is in his own words:

cabecera.jpgPlease introduce in a few words:

Iker Muro, illustrator, graphic designer and graffity artist.

Tell us a little about your design, please. Where have you gotten the idea?

I usually draw a lot, so in the process sudenly the idea of a pregnant woman with a spraycan came to me.

Are you making a living with designing?

Yes, I actually work as art director in a publicity agency.


Are you a T-Shirt-Freak?

Yes of course, I have designed a couple of ones for my friends.

What art has inspired you? Who are your favourite artists and influences?

My graffiti influences are mostly spanish great artist as Dibone, Sex, San, Dran, Logan and a lot of may more…


How much do you do by hand, how much with software?

I think its a 50/50

Are there other shirts with your designs available?

Not yet, but I´m working on the new collection for a new brand here in Spain.


So, that’s that. Like on his site he doesn’t use many words, but he’s definitely a visual artist, so let the images talk…