What fantastic month … we were stunned by the sheer quality of the submissions that came in. Sadly there can only be two winners to receive the gold medal in a month. Maybe we’ll pick some more designs to get printed, but now, we officially declare the winners first. Rattattattat:

Queen Of Hearts

Congratulations first to Biticol. After muros “Queen Aerosol” another queen, the “Queen Of Hearts” will enrich the scribtee product range. Comments said that this design goes well with the current poker trend. This may be true, but there’s so much more to the design: There are aspects of love, heartbreak, seduction, double-talk, two-faced play and deception to it. And: it looks really good. We can’t wait to put these crazy swirls all over our comfy shirts. Just like a good shirt should be: convincing at first sight but with some deeper meaning. Not really surprising: as you can see on his site, biticol is by far no newbie to T-shirt design.


Second winner (not second place!!) is: Soae. His “Khaotic Order” is one of the designs that really blows you away. We don’t know what this was influenced by (Alice in Wonderland? Dreams? Drugs??), but we’ll ask him soon. However, this is more like a piece of art in a gallery that you look at and which makes you dream and think: A giant soft ice cream cone floating in space, circus acrobats and  animals on ropes held by angels, boarders and heart-shaped planets. Reading this may make you go “wtf”, looking at it makes you go “wow”. Look at the bigger image of it at Soae’s flickr account (he also put up a T-Shirt preview). It’s already set up as my desktop background. I’m eager to hold the shirt in my hands myself, honestly. We’ll be doing our best that this comes out as good as it looks on the screen.

There must be some mysterious substances in Spanish tap water that foster creativity… Two times 500€ and two 50€ shopping coupons go to Spain once more. ¡Felicidades!