Time for another look behind the scenes right on the desks of the designers that bring you all these fine shirt motives. Today we’ll have some questions answered by Draco from Brazil. He is the one who designed “Watch out for your own desires” – and not only that as you can see on the site. Extra props first for replying every question in two languages: Portugese and English. But since nobody in our office understands Portugese, we’ll leave it by the English version.

Please introduce yourself in a few words.

Well I am Draco, I’m a Brazilian designer born in a town called Nova Iguacu in Rio de Janeiro/Brasil. 
And I love working with different styles, different techniques to each art. My website is 

Tell us a little about your design, please. Where have you gotten the idea?
The idea was born by the saying ‘be careful with what you wish for. ” So I created a man who both wants to relax (represented by water) , but the water is troubled by storms – a symbol for his thoughts.
Are you living off designing?
Yes, designing is my life in all aspects. I live as a designer for some years already, and want to improve more and more.
Are you a T-Shirt-Freak yourself?
Yes, I love shirts, in all colors and styles, it’s a true addiction.
What art inspires you? Who are your favourite artists and influences?
I seek inspiration in anything, music, wine, dreams and everyday life.
Concerning artists, I seek inspiration in various and countless artists, perhaps that’s why I have the ease of working with many different styles. To mention some: Jim Lee, El Greco, Banksy, etc..
How much do you do by hand, how much with software?
70% of my work is done by hand, the other 30% is working on the PC with Corel, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Are there other shirts with your designs available?
Yes, all my work which has already been produced in competitions can be seen here: www.dracoimagem.com/estampas (scroll right)
Others are still in the process of production, but they’ll soon be available.
Your opinion about Scribtee? What do you like about it, what would you improve?
One thing I find very interesting is that the variety of styles of shirts approved, some sites prioritize very large prints, others prioritize small prints, some prefer funny prints , others more plastic prints. In Scribtee, we can see all this. One downside: you don’t deliver to Brazil.
Well, that may change some day. Meanwhile: big thumbs up and thanks to Draco! Make sure to check his site, there’s a whole lot to see.