So here we go. Finally there’s some new shirts available at scribtee!

A big shout out goes to Spain first, to our colleague David who has made these wonderful product photos. Now, let’s talk tee!

The Ghost Ship

Number one of the newbies is “The Ghost Ship“, designed by Sven Palmowski, known on as a.mar.illo. This is one of those designs that you can’t really make sense of, you just enjoy them. And besides, a.mar.illo is one of the scribtee members who really have their own, very remarkable style. Look at his user profile and you’ll see what we mean by this. His ship now sails/ floats/ hovers on a lime colored American Apparel tee for guys and girls.  

The Chair Tree

Number two: The Chair Tree by Salva López. This beautiful poetic drawing of the blossoming chair is still the highest scoring design on to date and all those who voted and commented had to wait a long time until it became available. Meanwhile it’s spring and maybe this very tree chair is blossoming right now. Who knows? But we couldn’t let you wait until autumn, so enjoy it now and wear it proudly in the summer sun. Continental made these lovely cosy shirts that this goes on, and the color is called “Stereo red”, which would also have been a good name for the tee….

Congratulations to the designers!! The contest continues and we’re awaiting your ideas 24/7.