A tough race, but it’ s run. We send out congratulations to the winners of the scribtee design contest in March. And we introduce what will be our future shirts, and they’re destined to become favourite shirts:

Number one is our first winner from Australia. Yes, the other end of the world (for us). It’s called “Pencil” and was created by Rikki B. And it won for several reasons: Its idea is the scribtee itself! You scribble a few lines, you work it over, scan it, work it over again and in the end you have a design, and ideally a funky tee. That’s what scribtee is about and we love that it can be seen as a homage to drawing and creating design (whether this was intended or not). Plus: it is super stylish. Black, blue, pink. Or white, blue, pink. Whatever. Girls will love it. Not only. As you can see on his page rikkib.net this guy is as much of a T-shirt maniac as you can be. Not only he has a rich experience in creating great stylish T-shirt designs, being one of the Funky Duds he also is participating at one of our favourite T-Shirt blogs out there. So it’s a big honour for us to produce his tee and distribute it in our hemisphere.


The other shirt grand (500 big boys and 50 $ worth of shirt shopping) prize goes to ninhol from Brazil. His winning design is called  “Luz“. This is the Spanish and Portugese word for “light”, as you might have already guessed. I like the contrast of a light bulb being in black and the white shirt around it.   

 Phew. More shirt goodness to come soon.