As I already announced, we’re gonna start a new section to honour those designers that almost made it but lastly were outrun by others or simply fell prey to the fact that there can only be two winners a month. Nevertheless there’s far more good submissions than winners, so from time to time we’ll present a bunch of good ideas that we liked and we emphatically encourage the creators to send some more stuff in:

 This brick woman was sent in by a.mar.illo. Mental refinery is one of his best designs he showed here, but alas… see above. Same is for Zaal by Eblis. An extraordinarily well executed drawing of a figure from Persian mythology … it can hardly get more classy than this. In the end he was seemingly disappointed that it didn’t win (so were some of us), but we hope he won’t give up trying!

Two more funny ones … the curious cat that gets a big surprise was created by Minasund, a prolific and frequent contributer to the contest (who also came up with “You are what you eat“). Her work has always a funny edge to it and we really hope she keeps up sending her lovely ideas in. Keuj from France gave us these hilarious snowmen which are far more cute than old Miss Hulda (Frau Holle as we say here). Let it snow… maybe we’ll think of this again when winter comes.

Two love monsters: On the left side: a four handed love monster on a cloud that was designed by medialuna from Buenos Aires. What exactly makes it a love monster (when he obviously talks about death) – we’re not sure. Its anatomical shape reminds a bit of a human love monster body part … or is this just my imagination? Anyway, it would have been a great shirt for sure. The rather sinister looking furry girl from dianiki has bred an ample discussion incorporating 54 (!) comments, all in Spanish, so I still would like to know what the heck they were talking about.

And to conclude this roundup: We have a bunch of symbols, assembled in one great design by Aman, asking us: What matters? Money, love, art, religion? T-Shirts maybe? And I still mourn for Ye olde music factory by Herds Of Birds not being printed. I would so totally wear this day and night…

We hope this little show has done justice to the designs and their creators who put in so much love and effort in their work, and maybe inspired them and you to keep on sending us your motives.