As announced yesterday, we’ll let the designer of our new Human Nature shirt have his own words. Here are some questions to Iñaki Gonzalez, the man who calls himself kakolak.

Please introduce yourself in a few words.

I’m a director of graphic design in a design studio. I have made my diploma in the Fine Art School in France.
I’m a Bask-French-Spanish creator. So these three cultures inspire me.
I make images ever since my dad gave me a pencil in my hands. I can’t live without creating images. It’s part of myself. Dreams or reflections realized with drawings is a language that the world today has to be conscient of.
Here’s my portfolio for Tee-re-ffic creations

Tell us a little about your design, please. Where have you gotten the idea?
This design came to my mind when I was eating some new images for breakfast. I stopped on a gravure of an old man looking pensive. What is thinking about ? Thinking about himself, his life, his destiny, his future ? Thinking about future nowadays implies that you think about our nature, I think.  So “Human Nature” is this idea that the future of man is connected to the future of nature. The idea came like that.
Are you a T-Shirt-Freak yourself?
Of course I am!
What art has inspired you? Who are your favourite artists and influences?
All mediums and all creators inspire me. You can find ideas watching a movie, listening to music, looking at a sculpture, eating some popcorn.
For my favourite artist ? …. mm…well, It’s difficult to not forgot anybody… Here are some artists that give me artistic food for thought:
M.C.Escher, Anselm Kiefer, Dave Mc Kean, Katsuhiro Otomo, Moebius, Vladimir Velicovic, Satoshi Kon, Kandinsky, Jirô Taniguchi, Andy Goldsworthy, Juanjo Guarnido… well, there are many more…
How much do you do by hand , how much with software?
Fifty fifty.
Are there other shirts with your designs available?
Yes, come to my blog, and you can see them 😉
Your opinion about Scribtee? What do you like about it, what would you improve?
 A great name for a Tee boutique. The scribbles tell us stories, the scribtees do the same.
I like the spirit of the scrib-community. All is pretty good here. Don’t know what you can do furthermore ? Maybe to continue growing and growing more and more, no ? …

Well, good ida, I guess. We’ll do our best. Above there’s some other work of Iñaki, click for full size. Good luck to him and let’s hope he’ll present more of such stunning T-shirt designs on Scribtee.