Another month of competition, another tough choice to do, but finally we can announce these two winners for the month of April:


Draco did it again. The Brazilian artist who already designed “Watch Out For Your Own Desires” has sent another stunning submission which will make the ideal summer shirt: It’s called “Relax” and that says it all. Well. If laying on your back and watching clouds was actually getting work done, we’d be extra happy to get busy. But until science has found a WiFi-connection and input device for clouds, we only have this shirt. But that’s already a lot, I guess.

Everyone can be an artist Kit

The second winner is aliadotony from the states Costa Rica with his design “Everyone can be an artist kit”. Its graphic style is different from what we released before and this is what made us excited about it. Not only, we also like the message. “Everyone can be an artist” is exactly what Shirtcity is about. You can make your own tee, just use some tools and go ahead. Well of course, not everybody can be a great artist. That’s why only the best looking and most creative designs are picked by scribtee and its community members. Anyway, these shirts are gonna rock, take my word for it.