Now for something not directly related to Scribtee, but still close. Have you already seen the site It’s not been around for that long, but it’s quickly become the place where T-shirt designers and -freaks meet on the web. No surprise, I’d think, since it occupied a niche that needed to be filled and it was greatly executed by the right kind of guys.

The “tees” section is for designers who want to introduce their designs, either such that are already finished or even printed and on sale, or sketches, ideas that you’re not sure about and want to have a look from outside at. All tees can be commented on or given love. The “talk” section is, as you might guess, a forum for chatting, discussing, sharing etc. Especially the official “vote for me” threads can come in useful if you have uploaded a design to our design contest and you’d like some voting support by those who dig your designs. Of course, with all these design freaks visiting the site, standards are high, but maybe you can benefit from helpful tips. Speaking of tips, recently emptees recently established a “resources” section that holds links to useful download, tutorial and how-to sites.

Quite interesting to see that a sort of emptees overall taste has quickly developed, as prove the most loved tees. I think it’s quite American, very colorful and flashy with a preference for hand-drawn sketchy images. A bit different from Scribtee style maybe (if there is any, that is). Nevertheless, it’s a lively community and I highly recommend having a look at it.