We know you’re a creative community that loves T-shirts. So why not try something new? A new medium that is?

We proudly announce: the first T-shirt video contest !

In cooperation with dailymotion we’re looking for the coolest video ideas that deal with the subject of T-shirts. Beside that you’re completely free: short clips, fake ads, stop motion animation, mini dramas, experimental movies, flash animation … anything goes as long it’s cool, creative and features T-shirts.

This is how it goes: After finishing your work, visit the contest page at http://video.shirtcity.com/. Take a look at the Terms and Conditions that may answer open questions (scroll down for English version). If you’re not yet registered at dailymotion, take a minute to do so. Logged in you’ll find an uploader where you send in your video. It then appears below and can be viewed by everyone.

The winner takes it all: 1000€ or $ are waiting for the winner. Second and third prize winners can do some lovely clothing shopping at Shirtcity or Scribtee for 100 respectively 50 €. Update: MAGIX has added some video editing software to the pool. Places 2 and 3 will also receive the brand new Video Deluxe 15 Premium package which will give you tons of opportunities to try out for your future videos.

Plus we’ll award every video that’s halfway decent (which means that it is beyond “I stare into my webcam and wear a T-shirt”) with a free tee of choice. 

The people’s choice: Like at scribtee the winner is chosen by your votes and comments as well as our jury opinion. That means: you have a voice – use it. If you like a vid and award it with stars, click on its preview icon that float around under the video window. This will lead you to the dailymotion page where you can leave comments and award stars if you’re registered and logged in. This also means that it’s worth spreading the word amongst your friends and collect stars. However, if you violate the rules of fair play (by downvoting every vid except yours) we’ll detect this, disregard these votes, ban your vid from the contest and have you cursed by our voodoo priest. 

The contest is running until the end of the year. We’re looking forward to seeing your ideas !

Meanwhile for inspiration here’s a little vid we made in our office: Behind The Shirtdesigner.