Now that “Pencil” is online we take the opportunity to introduce to you its creator. Whom I have bothered a lot before, since she also runs a fantastic T-Shirt blog, the Funky Duds. Please clap your hands for RikkiB

Hi Rikki – is that right? Or what do you want to be called? Anyway, how you’re doing?

Good day to you, Sir.
Yes, my name is Rikki, but I prefer to go by my secret interweb codename – RikkiB.
I’m doing very well thanks, it’s nice and Autumnal in this part of the world.

Please introduce yourself in a few words.

RikkiB is a 26 year old girl. She likes art supplies and enjoys talking about herself in the third person.
You’re already a sort of veteran when it comes to T-shirts, designs and the internet: You have several designs out on several t-shirt contests and your blog Funky Duds is one of the coolest and oldest t-shirt blogs on the web. 

Well Funkyduds is certainly the coolest but probably not one of the oldest 😉 I basically use it to list all the tees I’d like to buy, so that when I’m feeling buy-ish I know what to get. I also invented the Internet.

Where did your love for T-shirts come from?

I think it came from loving art and design. They make art accessible to many people who wouldn’t be able to purchase ‘regular’ art, and allow artists to send their work off to the far corners of the world. Besides that, they allow you to express something about yourself whether it be your sense of humour, your design ethic or your general attitude to life, the universe and everything.

Does being a T-shirt freak make a living?
Do you do other design work beside T-shirt design?

Since I don’t design tees to make a living, I’ll combine these questions.
I work in an advertising agency so I’m constantly doing creative things, but always at the mercy of clients. I draw and design tees on my own time because there’s no one telling me that good design includes five different fonts, or how making their logo bigger will make the ad work SO much better.

What are your favourite labels?

I like many labels, but I prefer to focus on individual tees on funkyduds. I think it gives smaller or more obscure labels a chance to play with the big boys. I also believe that it doesn’t matter what label creates a tee, if it’s an awesome tee. My ultimate favourite tees of the moment are:
‘New in Downtown’
‘Man’s Soul’
‘Finding Technicolour’
‘I Cut my Own Hair’

And as an expert: what do you think about scribtee? What do you like about it, what would you improve?

The one big thing I’d do differently is to ship around the world! Living in Australia, it’s a fairly common occurrence that I can’t actually buy awesome tees. Besides that, you’ve been doing a great job. New designs are being chosen on a frequent basis and I love your design selection, special mention to Ninhol with the design ‘Luz’, I’d buy that for sure… if I could.

Finally: Thank you.

No worries, thanks for the interview!

T-Shirt pics are taken from her page. Have a look there, also for shop links.