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Three new Shirts are available at Scribtee, and of course all of them are pure awesome.


First there is the ultimate T-shirt to wear at an office: “Relax!” by Draco. Yes, we’ve had him on before, so if you like, you can read through the interview with him again.  However, what he does is always great,  and this tee transports a really beautiful image: Just lie down on a meadow and let only your imagination work.

Chance Of Rain

Chance Of Rain

Jeff Sheldon‘s “Chance Of Rain” is more suitable for rainy weather though. A bit of black humour is in these funny falling particles, thinking something like “S**t, we’re doomed!” Let these colored drops lighten up your grey days (as we have them now in Germany)!

Everyone Can Be An Artist Kit

Everyone Can Be An Artist Kit

Finally from Aliadotony there is his “Everyone Can Be An Artist”-Kit. Which fits the philosophy of Scribtee perfectly: Everyone can be a T-Shirt designer. You design, we make tees. However, the funny thing with these “You can do art!”-kits is still you gotta know how to use them in order to create something really prizeworthy. Tony sure knows how to use his tools. 

Maybe your artworks will find their way on a Scribtee one day, so grab your Artist Kit and participate!



Kakolak does it again ! The designer who also gave us the design of Human Nature has scored his second grand prize with “Children Truth“. This is a sweet well merited end-of-the-year design which gives us something to think. I have never realized for example that “HEART” and “EARTH” consist of the same letters. For some things you have the see the world through a child’s eye. Before I write more senseless stuff, let’s have some music:

We have received a number of T-Shirt-Design submissions that we had to reject because they didn’t use their own design as background but Benny Kohl’s “Just Loving Music” submission that we put in as an example. Guys, the layer isn’t called “Just an example” for no reason!

We’re sure you have the skills to make your own composition. You’re absolutely free not to use the template, this is just for giving you an idea. Just make sure you give us a composition that is 640 x 480 Pixels tall and a preview thumbnail with a detail which is 100 x 75. This is the space for your unlimited creativity !!

Note: The example above on the left is made up, on the right is the original submission of RikkiBs “Pencil“.

So, now after Jamerson “Ninhol” Lima from Brazil has released his second Design Shirt at, Favela, it’s time to give him a little place in the spotlight. The questions were already asked after chosing the marvellous “Luz” as a winner, so he basically talks about this one, but you should get the point about his own style when looking at his online portfolio at, a showcase of illustrations and T-shirt designs he did so far.



Tell us a little about your design, please. Where have you gotten the idea?
That is a referece to illuminating the life, make it more beautiful.

Are you a full-time or hobby designer?
Until recently, drawing was only a hobby for me, but now has become something professional. 

You have a very own remarkable style that looks like handmade stitching or sewing work. How did that develop?
It is inspired by local culture and also a way of the world back under my eyes.

Are you a T-Shirt-Freak yourself? What’s your favourite tee?
A white shirt, hoping for a new idea.

What art has inspired you? Who are your favourite artists and influences?
Love street culture, little things. About artists, like J. Borges and Klimt.

How much do you do by hand , how much with software?
Basically coloring in software, the rest of the process is all done by hand.
 As a sort of tee-design comp veteran: Your opinion about Scribtee? What do you like about it, what would you improve?
Well, I know the site a short time, but I like a lot. What drew my attention that is there is not a style defined in shirts approved. This is good because it can be directed for several consumers. 
How to improve, I would like you make deliveries in Brazil.  =D
PS: Sorry for the bad english!!! =D

Never mind. As long as you can talk through your images like this.

Note: there is another submission by him up, a really cool world map with a fair chance of winning …

OK, slap me for this headline. Or I’ll slap myself. However. What I wanted to say:

Given the economical situation we all know now that funds can be trusted. We propose: invest your money in T-shirts! You have a guaranteed value of awesomeness over time, they are true collector’s items, they won’t go down the drain if some Wall Street chump screws something up  … plus you can’t love money the way you love your favourite things anyway, can you?

So here are three of these potential investments, just released today:

What I’m Made Of by Aliadotony:

As the saying goes: show them what you’re made of. The things listed sum up somewhere at 400% but that just goes to show how much you have to offer and what an awesome person you are. Can’t be nothing else if you wear such shirts anyway.

Now, ladies: how about a lovely home in a Favela such as Ninhol depicted them on these shirts? Washable, cosy and artful with a few Picasso-like cubistic angles. Now that’s a home for a future. Speaking of future: These are printed on sustainably produced Organic shirts by American Apparel.

For gents we got something more in-your-face. Ink that is in this case. Attilla “Ilja” from Berlin (yeah, Berlin!) gave us this face tattooed man. He commented his submission: “The face tattooed man is a symbol for the freedom to do what you want to do – as long as nobody is harmed.” I just did a Google picture search for “face tattoo” by the way. Scary dudes! Surely individuals with a mind of their own. I’d prefer wearing the shirt though … you can choose to not put it on in any situation (like visiting your Grandma, getting a bank account or doing job interviews. I don’t know if face tattooed guys do this kind of things).

All three are limited edition, freshly printed, high quality American Apparel shirts and available now.

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