OK, slap me for this headline. Or I’ll slap myself. However. What I wanted to say:

Given the economical situation we all know now that funds can be trusted. We propose: invest your money in T-shirts! You have a guaranteed value of awesomeness over time, they are true collector’s items, they won’t go down the drain if some Wall Street chump screws something up  … plus you can’t love money the way you love your favourite things anyway, can you?

So here are three of these potential investments, just released today:

What I’m Made Of by Aliadotony:

As the saying goes: show them what you’re made of. The things listed sum up somewhere at 400% but that just goes to show how much you have to offer and what an awesome person you are. Can’t be nothing else if you wear such shirts anyway.

Now, ladies: how about a lovely home in a Favela such as Ninhol depicted them on these shirts? Washable, cosy and artful with a few Picasso-like cubistic angles. Now that’s a home for a future. Speaking of future: These are printed on sustainably produced Organic shirts by American Apparel.

For gents we got something more in-your-face. Ink that is in this case. Attilla “Ilja” from Berlin (yeah, Berlin!) gave us this face tattooed man. He commented his submission: “The face tattooed man is a symbol for the freedom to do what you want to do – as long as nobody is harmed.” I just did a Google picture search for “face tattoo” by the way. Scary dudes! Surely individuals with a mind of their own. I’d prefer wearing the shirt though … you can choose to not put it on in any situation (like visiting your Grandma, getting a bank account or doing job interviews. I don’t know if face tattooed guys do this kind of things).

All three are limited edition, freshly printed, high quality American Apparel shirts and available now.