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YOU Messe design contest

Some while ago we had a stand at the great German youth fair YOU. Apart from distributing coupons and introducing our business with Shirtcity and Scribtee we reduced the Scribtee T-shirt design contest to a handier modus: by providing felt pens and papers with a T-shirt silhouette. This was quite well received and about 500 scribbles were handed back to us during these three days. Of course we didn’t expect to get a new ready-to-use tee design for Scribtee, it was more to show what we’re doing and let the people have some fun.

We encountered some really talented young people and were surprised to see some take an entire hour to sit down and draw in all this loud and crazy mess of the fair surrounding us. This resulted in a nice gallery that decorates our office now. Winnes were awarded with some nice prices. See the gallery after the break.   Read the rest of this entry »





Our t-shirt design contest is going on and on, we continually add shirts and we think they’re getting better. Time to make room! We’ve been carrying these t-shirts with us a while now – so, now let’s just get rid of them. The nine shirts that we started scribtee with are going to be sold 10$ / 10€ each:

A click on the image will take you directly to the shirt despicted. So now, grab your purse or credit card, this is as cheap as classy design gets. And this might be the last time you see them!

Magic Crystal“Hold on … there is something … I see … a flash of colours.  Yes. That’s T-shirts. I see happy designers in Brazil and in France who won themselves $500. I see … oh, there is something scary. A wolf! Oh  … no, it’s just a shadow. Of a hand. What a design! This must have been made by … yes, Christophe. Awesome. The image is fainting …. there is more colours. This is big … very big. I see continents made out of patchwork. I see a whole .. this is the whole world! How can this … Oh, yes, it’s from Ninhol again. That is clearly his handwriting. I see a clear hattrick there.  I see these tees are gonna be very very good and they’re coming … oh, the image is getting dark.”

Luckily we already can see the winners’ submissions here:

Le Monde 

World Map by Ninhol

The Wolf

The Wolf by Christophe

Everyone can be an artist Kit

Everyone can be an artist Kit

So now that “Everyone Can Be An Artist Kit” is finally available on T-Shirt, we’ll have some words of its creator who will explain us what his work and he is about.

Please introduce yourself in a few words (and don’t forget your website if you have one).
“My name is Tony Aguero aka ALIADOTONY im a graphic designer from Costa Rica with 14 years of experience, ive been doing mostly advertising, but for a couple of years i have made a little way on the apparel sites, i kind of illustrate and like to combine both techniques in my work. My website is

Tell us a little about your design, please. Where have you gotten the idea?

“My tee is basically a critique to some people that think that just by buying a computer youre an artist. “Talent not included”, that basically says it all, and it’s my message to people to say that you need to work hard and communicate something when you design – not just to do something nice. I think tees are like an extension of your personality , almost like a flag you carry, which tells the world about what you are, think or want to express. I believe a tee is not just a tee, its a design on a tee, something valuable and I talk about all good designs wich now are being printed and becoming art hung on a wall.”

 Are you a full-time or hobby designer?

“Full time designer but hobby apparel designer, I’d love to do it full time!”

Are you a T-Shirt-Freak yourself? What’s your favourite tee?

“Yes, the tees don’t fit in my closet anymore! I would say I can’t get enough!!! My favorite tee is one I bought from the argentinian brand rethink: its a red tee with a japan map on it in some kind of special white ink.”

 What art has inspired you? Who are your favourite artists and your influences?

“Everybody! Since the net is vast and infinite!I love watching designers webpages but ill also say Van Gogh its my favorite painter, and i mostly admire european designers and japanese too, people have a different conception of design and art up there. And to list something in concrete..let me see…
Music, comics, vintage ads, victorian stuff, Van Gogh, japanese animation,
theyre just too many to list…ha ha”

How much do you do by hand , how much with software?

“Well, that depends on what i want to do but i always like to add a little by hand stuff because that takes away the computerized feeling. Some pieces are totally hand drawn and then vectorized. I don’t like to color images in photoshop.. always vectors, even if they’re hand drawings.”

Are there more T-shirts you designed around?

“Yes thank God! I’ve won at other sites as well, and i have to thank the people and friends who like my work, 1 time scribetee, 3 times threadless, 5 times design by humans, 1 time Allmighty’s, and 2 times popdeck wich is a skatedeck competition site, there’s also a couple of companies who buy my designs directly. It’s cool, not competing, just selling your stuff.”

As a sort of tee-design comp veteran: Your opinion about Scribtee? What do you like about it, what would you improve?
“I would say that in general scribtee is fine i like the fact that it’s taking different creative directions, and it’s cool because anything could win. My only thing to point out is the speed of how designs move. I know its a business but ive seen that designs stay there long time… i would make and improve in the catalog like recent tees or new and put the old in a different way…but in general i like everything. ”

Well, thanks so far, check out more of his wicked works at his site:

The latest Tees

Tweet tweet my lovely



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