Magic Crystal“Hold on … there is something … I see … a flash of colours.  Yes. That’s T-shirts. I see happy designers in Brazil and in France who won themselves $500. I see … oh, there is something scary. A wolf! Oh  … no, it’s just a shadow. Of a hand. What a design! This must have been made by … yes, Christophe. Awesome. The image is fainting …. there is more colours. This is big … very big. I see continents made out of patchwork. I see a whole .. this is the whole world! How can this … Oh, yes, it’s from Ninhol again. That is clearly his handwriting. I see a clear hattrick there.  I see these tees are gonna be very very good and they’re coming … oh, the image is getting dark.”

Luckily we already can see the winners’ submissions here:

Le Monde 

World Map by Ninhol

The Wolf

The Wolf by Christophe