YOU Messe design contest

Some while ago we had a stand at the great German youth fair YOU. Apart from distributing coupons and introducing our business with Shirtcity and Scribtee we reduced the Scribtee T-shirt design contest to a handier modus: by providing felt pens and papers with a T-shirt silhouette. This was quite well received and about 500 scribbles were handed back to us during these three days. Of course we didn’t expect to get a new ready-to-use tee design for Scribtee, it was more to show what we’re doing and let the people have some fun.

We encountered some really talented young people and were surprised to see some take an entire hour to sit down and draw in all this loud and crazy mess of the fair surrounding us. This resulted in a nice gallery that decorates our office now. Winnes were awarded with some nice prices. See the gallery after the break.