October came with a massive load of good designs. So now that the scores are collected we had a pleasant surprise. There was a remarkable increase in designs being submitted from Italy, so heads up to the Italian community on Scribtee, even if we don’t understand their comments (well, some of us do). And now:

Ladies and gentlemen, signore e signori, we have our first winner from Italy!


It is minimalsonic‘s Heavy Metal Rules. Composed of … guess what: rulers. And have a closer look at them: they are all marked with the number of the beast. We think this is gonna make the coolest metal tee ever (or at least since Huge Metal Fan), displaying its message in an in-your-face- style without exploiting old dragon-slayer and haircrime clichés.  

Congrats, minimalsonic!

(Unfortunately, October’s second winner, “Light my fire” was already taken by another site, so: only one winner this time).