Cheers everyone!

Happy new year first! Let’s make this an excellently dressed year. And screw the economical crisis or whatever they want to tell us that will happen. It won’t be so bad. For sure. Love, music, art, fun and T-shirts will still be great in 2009.

We announce the winners of the last round of our Design contest. And this time there’ll be 1000 € going from to Germany to … Germany. Yes, two people from our homebase took it away. Of course they didn’t win the contest for patriotic reasons. Just because they made great designs.


Ladies first: Karen Czock pictured this iconic ” Main Stream” . She wrote “Half long hair, jeans – what ever happened to individuality?” Yes, it’s the old problem with fashions: How can you express your individuality when there’s hundreds of other guys/ people who look the same? Hint from my own experience: being a T-shirt nerd already helps this out a bit. Unless you think this is not enough and you decide to dress in a completely Pippi-Langstrumpf-random way. Up to you.


Guys second but not least: Jott sent us the awesome “All In Me“. A shirt that will make you feel holey like a swiss cheese. Good fun though.

Congratulations to those two! Meanwhile the show goes on at Send us your tee designs now …