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Of the three new designs that are in our store All In Me was the one that was the most well received so far. So let’s hear some words from the creator of these little creatures. Please apologize all speling and gramar misteks coz veh are Germäns and only learnt English in school.

Please introduce yourself in a few words.

19Hi, my name is Tayo Gross aka jott, I am 27 years old and I live in Darmstadt (near Frankfurt in Germany).
At the moment i am in my last year studying communication design here in Darmstadt.

Are you a full time graphic designer?

I am studying it and i don’t do anything else for paying my bills … so yes i think i’m a full time designer.
Just wouldn’t call myself a classic full time graphic designer, because i’m also interested in animation and many other creative workfields.

Where can we see more of your work?

21To always see the latest stuff just visit my blog ( can also buy shirt designs of mine on cyroline and at a-better-tomorow.
And there is something really special and totally unique . If you are interessted in bags made entirely out of Gaffa tape (I think it’s more common to call it duct tape internationally ?) , go to STÄSH ( and look what me and two friends of mine invented. And BUY… BUY… and BUY!!!!!!!

How did you get the idea for your T-shirt?

13These holes, with different things, hands and creatures coming out were something I always scribbled when i didn’t know what to do (it was a bit like a boredom therapy).
And when I saw them all together, I just thought that this would make an awesome tee. Then i picked out the best ones, aranged them and the tee was ready.


What music do you like to listen to while working?

It depends. Things like: Jurassic 5, hocus pocus, RJD2, Ray Charles, Pete Philly, AndyC, Pendulum, Mos Def, DJ Hype, the old stuff of Clueso and many many many more.

On the visual side: what art has inspired you?17

Hmmm… difficult. everything i see inspires me in some way. But for example its my all time hero M.C. Escher and many streetart things like Banksy, Blek and every sticker I find in the streets.

Your general opinion on scribtee? What could we improve (besides the long wait for the tees to come out which we promise to improve).

Think it’s great. Not only because you printed one of my designs, but for having many nice shirts (mine included.. haha).
Hmmm… make something better…. perhaps more special contests like the one for the LULU&JIMI-movie. That’s it… so scribtee on …. together we will rule the world.


Thanks, jott! World domination sounds like a good idea. (Illustrations are from his blog and the contest site)



couldbeyouJust thinking: Scribtees can also go in couples. Like for example, if you’re planning to visit Download Festival, the Ozzfest or Wacken as a couple, one could put on Heavy Metal Rules, the other one could wear this great depiction of The Main Stream. This is the third one that went online today. Whatever happened to individuality?, asks Karen, the creator of this. Well, at least, this is a shirt that stands out.


This was an audience fav, with a clear preferation from Italian fans (mostly Italian comments). Surely no coincidence, since Minimalsonic, the designer of this wicked piece, is Italian, too. But hey, that’s totally OK, we love it as well and so will you. Especially if you also think that Heavy Metal Rules. Okay, not everybody does, but I barely know somebody of my age who wasn’t a Heavy Metal fan at least in his early adolescence days. Confession: I still have a worn out Helloween shirt in the bottom of my closet. If you never loved Metal though, chances are high you love … rulers. Er … right? Or foul word plays. Or at least clever T-shirts.


Hey, while we’re at it, we could use this for a little music discussion. What are your favourite heavy rocking records? Do you prefer old school NWOBHM style or more modern bands? Which bands rule live? Does Metal really make you dumb (there’s counterevidence!)? What are your favourite Metal festivals? Your fave bands/ records for eternity? Read the rest of this entry »

Hey, look, my body is inhabited by funny worms and creatures with hairy arms that smoke and drink booze! This is all in me. A shirts with holes, not in it, but on it. Yellow submarine style (“I got a hole in me pocket!”). Thanks again to jott for submitting this funny design. Like “What I’m Made Of” this is one that plays with the body of the wearer and this is always good for some laughter. Plus, it looks great. Check it out, he’s got some more designs up in the voting.


We ended another contest round, this time a prolonged one. The Lulu & Jimi movie t-shirt contest took some of our ressources, just like the bomb we’re building with our main page

However, enough excuses, here they are:


Mr. JonEz! from Berlin, Germany (Yay!) gave us something to grin at with his Design: Fuck Free Hugs! Got Free Fucks! Sounds a bit rude, but JonEz! has enough art skills to put this idea into a design that is well worth being a Scribtee. Congratulations.  Check out JonEz!’s site


Artill from Trier, Germany sets a counterbalance with his “Muse” – an imposting, almost classical design of Zeus’ daughter, the goddess of creativity. What could fit better to Scribtee? She shall be our patron from now on! His preview image only gives a hint of these fine details, so expect an awesome T-shirt. We can’t wait to see it. Meanwhile, check out Artill’s site:

Two guys from Germany whose sites start with “art”.  A nice ending to this round. Meanwhile the battle rages on at

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