We ended another contest round, this time a prolonged one. The Lulu & Jimi movie t-shirt contest took some of our ressources, just like the bomb we’re building with our main page Shirtcity.com

However, enough excuses, here they are:


Mr. JonEz! from Berlin, Germany (Yay!) gave us something to grin at with his Design: Fuck Free Hugs! Got Free Fucks! Sounds a bit rude, but JonEz! has enough art skills to put this idea into a design that is well worth being a Scribtee. Congratulations.  Check out JonEz!’s site artkore.de


Artill from Trier, Germany sets a counterbalance with his “Muse” – an imposting, almost classical design of Zeus’ daughter, the goddess of creativity. What could fit better to Scribtee? She shall be our patron from now on! His preview image only gives a hint of these fine details, so expect an awesome T-shirt. We can’t wait to see it. Meanwhile, check out Artill’s site: artill.de

Two guys from Germany whose sites start with “art”.  A nice ending to this round. Meanwhile the battle rages on at Scribtee.com