This was an audience fav, with a clear preferation from Italian fans (mostly Italian comments). Surely no coincidence, since Minimalsonic, the designer of this wicked piece, is Italian, too. But hey, that’s totally OK, we love it as well and so will you. Especially if you also think that Heavy Metal Rules. Okay, not everybody does, but I barely know somebody of my age who wasn’t a Heavy Metal fan at least in his early adolescence days. Confession: I still have a worn out Helloween shirt in the bottom of my closet. If you never loved Metal though, chances are high you love … rulers. Er … right? Or foul word plays. Or at least clever T-shirts.


Hey, while we’re at it, we could use this for a little music discussion. What are your favourite heavy rocking records? Do you prefer old school NWOBHM style or more modern bands? Which bands rule live? Does Metal really make you dumb (there’s counterevidence!)? What are your favourite Metal festivals? Your fave bands/ records for eternity?

By the way, here’s a nice little overview about Metal subgenres from Germany’s no1 late night show master Harald Schmidt from back when his show was great. With english subtitles even! Enjoy, and bang the head who doesn’t bang!