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Nature is my mother

Nature is my mother

 One new T-shirt is in the shop, and it is called “Nature is my mother“. A true freak of nature with a nice countryside hat. Berlin boy Lars Wunderlich, who calls himself TheW in our contest, did this amazing illustration. As well as the useful Mr. Tool who finally found a T-shirt home at 

Let’s go a bit into details and let the big W (not to be confused!) explain himself:

Hi Lars, please introduce yourself in a few words.

Hi world, i’m Lars Wunderlich aka. Thew aka. Look aka. Erw.Mc.Verve etc…. I’m a Berlin-based designer who is currently very busy with his Diploma work. I do alot of different creative stuff like Illustration, Graffiti, Type-design, Logos, CorporateDesign, Wallpaintings, T-shirts and loads of other stuff which can be decorated. I’m 27 years old and grew up in beatiful Mecklenburg Vorpommern in the north of Germany. I always wanted do something creative in my life. That was my dream and still is. I’m happy to be part of the great peachbeach-collective.

Who or what is ‘Peachbeach’ ?

Peachbeach is a design collective with an eye on illustrative design. Peachbeach are three crazy nervous guys. Falk Hoger, Attila Szamosi and me met in 2007 on a creative camp in the nice countryside of Brandenburg. We didn’t know each other very well, but painted a canvas together. It worked quite well and we realised that our minds fitted together, so we decided to do something together. That was the starting point of Peachbeach. Everybody is free to do what he wants, and sometimes we do stuff together. It depends on what we want to do.

Do you work as a full time designer?

I try hard.

Is there a way you would describe your style?

I cannot describe my style very well because it changes from time to time. It bores me to focus on one special style, so i spread my style into different direction of the creative universe. But I can say that I like well thought out detailed things. I don’t want to do bling bling stuff, which only looks good but has no really meaning behind its prettyness.

Mr. Tool

Tell us a bit about your design “Mr Tool“. How did you get the idea, what did you want to express?

Mr. Tool was originally a cover for a design book. Originally it was only the triangle without a face or a body. The cover didn’t make it, so i decided to do something with all these nice icons. I pushed some Icons from here to there and Mr.Tool popped out. He consists of some really helpfull design tools, so i thought maybe he could say this naughty slogan: USE ME. That’s it.

Even more interesting: What is this thing on “Nature is my mother“?

Yes, this story is a little bit different. I was on my way home from my parents house in hot summer. They live in the countryside  near the woods. I sat in the train doodling a bit, while wearing that hat and the sunglasses you can see in the design. I tryed to draw myself with the pen and this came to my mind. It is the best selfportrait I have ever made. I’m really happy with that, because it shows my deep respect for mother nature, but it also looks a bit chaotic and crazy – as I am. So this shirt is for the outdoorsmen and crazy professors. But actually nobody knows my little dirty plan of wearing somebodys selfportrait on a shirt except of you, dear reader. Hehe.

How much do you do by hand, how much by software?

As you can see in the storys, it depends on what I want to do and what I need. Sometimes I do everything with the graph-tablett, sometime by vector, sometimes by hand.

It's a brand new Morning! currently in the contest

What gives you visual inspiration?

Almost everything. Music, good books, good articles in the newspaper, friends, critiques, other designers and my girl.

What music do you listen to while working/ doodling?

I often listen to Major Lazer stuff (the Mad Decent Label is killer), nearly all Stones Throw artists (also a great label), Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve (great psychrock-stuff on a new dancefloorlevel) and a lot of Rap, Soul, Funk, Reaggea, Rave, Techno, Psychrock, Blues and everything between.

What would you recommend young aspiring designers who want to win shirt contests too?

Maybe: thinking and drawing, listen to critique and spreading the output.

Last words?

Biggupp to PB, MF, DX, TG. Okay sounds too cryptical. Yo biggupp to Frieda, Dad, Mike, Dennis, Mixi, Harf, Mother Nature, Whifffocker, Lidi <3, The Gang and all the loved ones.


While the interview questions for the blog occasionally have to cross the whole planet to reach their destinator (see Interview with RikkiB or Ninhol), this time they only went a few kilometers from one district of Berlin to another. Where Jonas Kakoschke a.k.a. JonEz!, the Designer of Scribtee’s latest release “Free Hugs” as well as the also victorious “Don’t Stop Playing” kindly gave us some insight about himself and his word. Let’s roll:
Hi, JonEz! Introduce yourself in a few words (and don’t forget to mention your website).
Hi Robert! First I’d like to give a big thanks to for that opportunity to show my shirts to such a big audience and to give that interview. I’m a student of communication design in berlin, where I live since November 2008. I’m very interested in all forms of design, especially the kind of urban communication, which is what shirtdesign means for me, as well as all other forms of creative ways to express oneself. It’s very important for my personal satisfaction, to be productive and creative everyday. … ah, yes, I almost forgot: SEE THAT ON 😀

Tell us a bit about your winning design. Where did you get the idea for “Free Hugs” from?

…to be honest.-) me and a friend of mine were on our way home from a party or just some clubs in berlin, very drunk, at something about 7 am, when i had that idea from that people with those posters “FREE HUGS”. And you know how it is, when you’re drunk – just talking crap without thinking about it, and I just said to my friend: “…hey, fuck that free hugs, dude – I got free fucks!“. We were laughing about that and some days later I made that design. That’s the whole story! .-)


Are you working as a full time graphic designer?

Yes, I would say so. As I told you, I’m studying communication design, but to make a living I work as a freelance graphic designer for various clients. But there are more ways I need to express myself, for example making music, or little video experiments (if someone’s interested, check or for example). Of course I like to meet friends and new people, go out, etc.

How would you describe your style?

I would say it’s always evolving. My style is not already finished or fixed – everyday I try new things and new styles and I like it that way. Basically I really like to mix analogue techniques with digital design.

What music is playing when you work on a design?

I can’t answer that so easily. It really depends on my mood, and what kind of design I have to create. Sometimes it’s conscious rap music, where I would say my musical roots are at, sometimes electro and sometimes just the Libertines or the White Stripes.


How much is hand work, how much is software?

How I said, I really like to mix both medias, but the finished product is always digital, which leads to analogue again – in the case of shirts.-)

Who are your favourite artists and where do you find inspiration?
I really love the work of blu, hellofreaks, cuypi and berlin design collectives like nepomuk, peachbeach and many more. I find my inspirations while going to exhibitions in berlin and working together with my fellow students.

Your opinion on Scribtee?
It’s a really great way for upcoming designers to express themselves in the public and find a big audience. What I really miss on, especially in comparison with other more famous contests, are constructive comments and partly more quality shirt designs. The problem is in itself – it’ll just have to become more famous, I think – that’s the answer! So to all readers: SPREAD THE WORD!! .-) Thanks a lot for the interview and keep straight going onandonandonandon…




Geez. I feel slighty bad posting this, while the radio newsman tells us the news from Italy. Our thoughts are with the earthquake victims. A friend from Rome just told me he woke up last night with his bed rocking like a cradle.

Well, anyway, this is not a news blog, so if you’re interested in reading more about the earthquake go inform yourself on other sites. And come back if you’re in the mood for art, Design and insights into the work of a Designer. Mr. Giovanni “Minimalsonic” Ricchi presumably was not affected by the catastrophy in any way unless he incidentally lingered in the affected areas. Let the talking begin:


Please introduce yourself in a few words.
I’m Giovanni and I come from Cesena, a little town in the east coast of Italy… i hate winter and love colors..

Are you a full time graphic designer?
Yes I am, I work in a graphic design studio during the day and I do my personal projects in the night.

Where can we see more of your work?
in my portfolio

How did you get the idea for your T-shirt? Are you a Heavy Metal fan yourself?
The idea came to me one day, looking at the illustrator rules (a thing I look at for so many hours in front of my monitor everyday).
I love to play with words and their multiple meanings…  so the idea was born!
Personally I never listened Heavy Metal, I was into the Hard Core/Punk scene, powerful music as well…


What are favourite bands then? What music do you like to listen to while working?
I don’t know… I think Judas Priest ever made me curious.
When I work I play my iTunes in shuffle mode.. a blend of hip hop, techno, dubstep, raggae…

On the visual side: what art has inspired you?
My roots are in graffiti and skate culture, a real art movement!

The words consist of rulers. One thing that occured to me: shouldn’t the scale show sixes instead of nines? Or are these rulers with the scale on the bottom side?
Obviously the numbers are 6…6…6… !

Your general opinion on scribtee? What could we improve (besides the long wait for the tees to come out which we promise to improve).
I think your work is great! You give the opportunity to designers to show their work and this is the biggest thing you can do!


Of the three new designs that are in our store All In Me was the one that was the most well received so far. So let’s hear some words from the creator of these little creatures. Please apologize all speling and gramar misteks coz veh are Germäns and only learnt English in school.

Please introduce yourself in a few words.

19Hi, my name is Tayo Gross aka jott, I am 27 years old and I live in Darmstadt (near Frankfurt in Germany).
At the moment i am in my last year studying communication design here in Darmstadt.

Are you a full time graphic designer?

I am studying it and i don’t do anything else for paying my bills … so yes i think i’m a full time designer.
Just wouldn’t call myself a classic full time graphic designer, because i’m also interested in animation and many other creative workfields.

Where can we see more of your work?

21To always see the latest stuff just visit my blog ( can also buy shirt designs of mine on cyroline and at a-better-tomorow.
And there is something really special and totally unique . If you are interessted in bags made entirely out of Gaffa tape (I think it’s more common to call it duct tape internationally ?) , go to STÄSH ( and look what me and two friends of mine invented. And BUY… BUY… and BUY!!!!!!!

How did you get the idea for your T-shirt?

13These holes, with different things, hands and creatures coming out were something I always scribbled when i didn’t know what to do (it was a bit like a boredom therapy).
And when I saw them all together, I just thought that this would make an awesome tee. Then i picked out the best ones, aranged them and the tee was ready.


What music do you like to listen to while working?

It depends. Things like: Jurassic 5, hocus pocus, RJD2, Ray Charles, Pete Philly, AndyC, Pendulum, Mos Def, DJ Hype, the old stuff of Clueso and many many many more.

On the visual side: what art has inspired you?17

Hmmm… difficult. everything i see inspires me in some way. But for example its my all time hero M.C. Escher and many streetart things like Banksy, Blek and every sticker I find in the streets.

Your general opinion on scribtee? What could we improve (besides the long wait for the tees to come out which we promise to improve).

Think it’s great. Not only because you printed one of my designs, but for having many nice shirts (mine included.. haha).
Hmmm… make something better…. perhaps more special contests like the one for the LULU&JIMI-movie. That’s it… so scribtee on …. together we will rule the world.


Thanks, jott! World domination sounds like a good idea. (Illustrations are from his blog and the contest site)

Chance Of Rain

Chance Of Rain

Phhh …  hold on a second, let me wipe this dust and cobwebs off first …. cough … there you go. Time for more content, time for more insights into a designers’ life. This time we sent our questions out to Vermont, US of A, where Jeff Sheldon, the creator of the cute little CMYK raindrops on “Chance Of Rain” is living, working and doing other things. And this is what we got back:

Jeff Self Portait

Jeff Self Portait

 Please introduce yourself in a few words.

My name is Jeff Sheldon and I am a 22 year old designer living in Burlington, VT with my amazing wife.

 Are you a full time T-shirt designer? Or what is your main business?

I work as a full time graphic designer by day and do t-shirt design and other freelance work on the side. I recently launched my own line of shirts called Ugmonk. As you can see I love typography and good clean design. I found that there was a lack of fresh, clean t-shirt design so I decided to start my own brand.
Tell us a little about your design: what were your thoughts behind it ?
I had been drawing these little creatures for quite a while and noticed the some of them looked similar to raindrops. I then got the idea to create a full composition with the raindrops making up a cloud shape. The raindrops are happy with all of there friends just hanging out in the sky and enjoying life. Then before they know it the poor raindrops lives come to an end and they fall to their doom!
 What inspires you?
Inspiration comes from everywhere for me. I enjoy browsing the web, being outdoors, people watching, taking photos, and just letting my my wander and coming up with completely random concepts.


What equipment do you work with ?
I like to sketch my ideas out first in my sketchbook and then take them to the computer. I use my trusty MacBook Pro, Adobe Illustrator, and Wacom tablet.


How many tees do you own and what’s the greatest and the ugliest piece in your collection?
Way too many, I can’t even fit them all in my drawers. I get a lot of my shirts from contests that I win or other clients that I do design for so I don’t end up buying too many other shirts. Ironically, I wear a lot of solid tees, so I would say those are a staple to my wardrobe.
 A link to your favorite T-shirt site?
Well, a little shameless self-promo for my line:  I don’t have a favorite site but I like a lot of stuff on and
 What would be your advice to young and emerging designers (or people thinking of taking this direction)?
Learn the basic principles of art before trying to get good at photoshop and the computer side of things. Knowing how to use the computer as a tool helps, but it is much more important to understand design and how to make a good composition.
As a shirt design experienced guy: what’s your opinion on ?
Scribtee is nice, and I don’t think enough designers know about it and submit designs here. Scribtee definitely has a solid collection of shirts already and I hope to see more great designs in the future.

I want to thank Scribtee for picking my design!


And we want to thank Jeff for his answers and wish him good luck with Ugmonk! Let’s hope he will hand us another design after all one day.

Everyone can be an artist Kit

Everyone can be an artist Kit

So now that “Everyone Can Be An Artist Kit” is finally available on T-Shirt, we’ll have some words of its creator who will explain us what his work and he is about.

Please introduce yourself in a few words (and don’t forget your website if you have one).
“My name is Tony Aguero aka ALIADOTONY im a graphic designer from Costa Rica with 14 years of experience, ive been doing mostly advertising, but for a couple of years i have made a little way on the apparel sites, i kind of illustrate and like to combine both techniques in my work. My website is

Tell us a little about your design, please. Where have you gotten the idea?

“My tee is basically a critique to some people that think that just by buying a computer youre an artist. “Talent not included”, that basically says it all, and it’s my message to people to say that you need to work hard and communicate something when you design – not just to do something nice. I think tees are like an extension of your personality , almost like a flag you carry, which tells the world about what you are, think or want to express. I believe a tee is not just a tee, its a design on a tee, something valuable and I talk about all good designs wich now are being printed and becoming art hung on a wall.”

 Are you a full-time or hobby designer?

“Full time designer but hobby apparel designer, I’d love to do it full time!”

Are you a T-Shirt-Freak yourself? What’s your favourite tee?

“Yes, the tees don’t fit in my closet anymore! I would say I can’t get enough!!! My favorite tee is one I bought from the argentinian brand rethink: its a red tee with a japan map on it in some kind of special white ink.”

 What art has inspired you? Who are your favourite artists and your influences?

“Everybody! Since the net is vast and infinite!I love watching designers webpages but ill also say Van Gogh its my favorite painter, and i mostly admire european designers and japanese too, people have a different conception of design and art up there. And to list something in concrete..let me see…
Music, comics, vintage ads, victorian stuff, Van Gogh, japanese animation,
theyre just too many to list…ha ha”

How much do you do by hand , how much with software?

“Well, that depends on what i want to do but i always like to add a little by hand stuff because that takes away the computerized feeling. Some pieces are totally hand drawn and then vectorized. I don’t like to color images in photoshop.. always vectors, even if they’re hand drawings.”

Are there more T-shirts you designed around?

“Yes thank God! I’ve won at other sites as well, and i have to thank the people and friends who like my work, 1 time scribetee, 3 times threadless, 5 times design by humans, 1 time Allmighty’s, and 2 times popdeck wich is a skatedeck competition site, there’s also a couple of companies who buy my designs directly. It’s cool, not competing, just selling your stuff.”

As a sort of tee-design comp veteran: Your opinion about Scribtee? What do you like about it, what would you improve?
“I would say that in general scribtee is fine i like the fact that it’s taking different creative directions, and it’s cool because anything could win. My only thing to point out is the speed of how designs move. I know its a business but ive seen that designs stay there long time… i would make and improve in the catalog like recent tees or new and put the old in a different way…but in general i like everything. ”

Well, thanks so far, check out more of his wicked works at his site:

So, now after Jamerson “Ninhol” Lima from Brazil has released his second Design Shirt at, Favela, it’s time to give him a little place in the spotlight. The questions were already asked after chosing the marvellous “Luz” as a winner, so he basically talks about this one, but you should get the point about his own style when looking at his online portfolio at, a showcase of illustrations and T-shirt designs he did so far.



Tell us a little about your design, please. Where have you gotten the idea?
That is a referece to illuminating the life, make it more beautiful.

Are you a full-time or hobby designer?
Until recently, drawing was only a hobby for me, but now has become something professional. 

You have a very own remarkable style that looks like handmade stitching or sewing work. How did that develop?
It is inspired by local culture and also a way of the world back under my eyes.

Are you a T-Shirt-Freak yourself? What’s your favourite tee?
A white shirt, hoping for a new idea.

What art has inspired you? Who are your favourite artists and influences?
Love street culture, little things. About artists, like J. Borges and Klimt.

How much do you do by hand , how much with software?
Basically coloring in software, the rest of the process is all done by hand.
 As a sort of tee-design comp veteran: Your opinion about Scribtee? What do you like about it, what would you improve?
Well, I know the site a short time, but I like a lot. What drew my attention that is there is not a style defined in shirts approved. This is good because it can be directed for several consumers. 
How to improve, I would like you make deliveries in Brazil.  =D
PS: Sorry for the bad english!!! =D

Never mind. As long as you can talk through your images like this.

Note: there is another submission by him up, a really cool world map with a fair chance of winning …

The Ghost Ship

The Ghost Ship

I just discovered at facebook that it’s Sven Palmowski’s birthday today. Maybe I wouldn’t start a posting for every designer who handed in Designs to our T-shirt design contest, but Sven having given us the wonderfully weird Ghost Ship plus dozens of other designs that we loved plus being one of the most prolific Designers on the scene it is just fair to say:

Happy Birthday and may you ever continue drawing and designing such wonderful tees !

Meanwhile check out his Portfolio on his site and regularly check back to the much beloved Fantastic Bonanza Blog where he contributes displaying the T-shirt art he likes.

Now that “Pencil” is online we take the opportunity to introduce to you its creator. Whom I have bothered a lot before, since she also runs a fantastic T-Shirt blog, the Funky Duds. Please clap your hands for RikkiB

Hi Rikki – is that right? Or what do you want to be called? Anyway, how you’re doing?

Good day to you, Sir.
Yes, my name is Rikki, but I prefer to go by my secret interweb codename – RikkiB.
I’m doing very well thanks, it’s nice and Autumnal in this part of the world.

Please introduce yourself in a few words.

RikkiB is a 26 year old girl. She likes art supplies and enjoys talking about herself in the third person.
You’re already a sort of veteran when it comes to T-shirts, designs and the internet: You have several designs out on several t-shirt contests and your blog Funky Duds is one of the coolest and oldest t-shirt blogs on the web. 

Well Funkyduds is certainly the coolest but probably not one of the oldest 😉 I basically use it to list all the tees I’d like to buy, so that when I’m feeling buy-ish I know what to get. I also invented the Internet.

Where did your love for T-shirts come from?

I think it came from loving art and design. They make art accessible to many people who wouldn’t be able to purchase ‘regular’ art, and allow artists to send their work off to the far corners of the world. Besides that, they allow you to express something about yourself whether it be your sense of humour, your design ethic or your general attitude to life, the universe and everything.

Does being a T-shirt freak make a living?
Do you do other design work beside T-shirt design?

Since I don’t design tees to make a living, I’ll combine these questions.
I work in an advertising agency so I’m constantly doing creative things, but always at the mercy of clients. I draw and design tees on my own time because there’s no one telling me that good design includes five different fonts, or how making their logo bigger will make the ad work SO much better.

What are your favourite labels?

I like many labels, but I prefer to focus on individual tees on funkyduds. I think it gives smaller or more obscure labels a chance to play with the big boys. I also believe that it doesn’t matter what label creates a tee, if it’s an awesome tee. My ultimate favourite tees of the moment are:
‘New in Downtown’
‘Man’s Soul’
‘Finding Technicolour’
‘I Cut my Own Hair’

And as an expert: what do you think about scribtee? What do you like about it, what would you improve?

The one big thing I’d do differently is to ship around the world! Living in Australia, it’s a fairly common occurrence that I can’t actually buy awesome tees. Besides that, you’ve been doing a great job. New designs are being chosen on a frequent basis and I love your design selection, special mention to Ninhol with the design ‘Luz’, I’d buy that for sure… if I could.

Finally: Thank you.

No worries, thanks for the interview!

T-Shirt pics are taken from her page. Have a look there, also for shop links.

As announced yesterday, we’ll let the designer of our new Human Nature shirt have his own words. Here are some questions to Iñaki Gonzalez, the man who calls himself kakolak.

Please introduce yourself in a few words.

I’m a director of graphic design in a design studio. I have made my diploma in the Fine Art School in France.
I’m a Bask-French-Spanish creator. So these three cultures inspire me.
I make images ever since my dad gave me a pencil in my hands. I can’t live without creating images. It’s part of myself. Dreams or reflections realized with drawings is a language that the world today has to be conscient of.
Here’s my portfolio for Tee-re-ffic creations

Tell us a little about your design, please. Where have you gotten the idea?
This design came to my mind when I was eating some new images for breakfast. I stopped on a gravure of an old man looking pensive. What is thinking about ? Thinking about himself, his life, his destiny, his future ? Thinking about future nowadays implies that you think about our nature, I think.  So “Human Nature” is this idea that the future of man is connected to the future of nature. The idea came like that.
Are you a T-Shirt-Freak yourself?
Of course I am!
What art has inspired you? Who are your favourite artists and influences?
All mediums and all creators inspire me. You can find ideas watching a movie, listening to music, looking at a sculpture, eating some popcorn.
For my favourite artist ? …. mm…well, It’s difficult to not forgot anybody… Here are some artists that give me artistic food for thought:
M.C.Escher, Anselm Kiefer, Dave Mc Kean, Katsuhiro Otomo, Moebius, Vladimir Velicovic, Satoshi Kon, Kandinsky, Jirô Taniguchi, Andy Goldsworthy, Juanjo Guarnido… well, there are many more…
How much do you do by hand , how much with software?
Fifty fifty.
Are there other shirts with your designs available?
Yes, come to my blog, and you can see them 😉
Your opinion about Scribtee? What do you like about it, what would you improve?
 A great name for a Tee boutique. The scribbles tell us stories, the scribtees do the same.
I like the spirit of the scrib-community. All is pretty good here. Don’t know what you can do furthermore ? Maybe to continue growing and growing more and more, no ? …

Well, good ida, I guess. We’ll do our best. Above there’s some other work of Iñaki, click for full size. Good luck to him and let’s hope he’ll present more of such stunning T-shirt designs on Scribtee.

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