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Please welcome our new Scribtee designs that were absolutely worthy of being printed and worn on T-Shirts and winning 500 €.


Number one: Connected. The last business meeting of Jesus and his desciples, maybe argueing about future strategies, whether or not to invest in new SAP software or coordinating forces for Judgement Day. A design by Benny Kohl, who scores his second Scribtee – the first one was “Just Loving Music”, but that was way back in the days. So we are happy to see him returning.


Number two: Mr. Tool. This handy fellow is the swiss army knife for everyone who has a creative job. And certainly a good friend of Lars Wunderlich, who brought this little Frankenstein creature to life. Since Everyone Can Be An Artist Kit is sold out in some sizes, this may be a great opportunity for some people who missed that.


Three new Shirts are available at Scribtee, and of course all of them are pure awesome.


First there is the ultimate T-shirt to wear at an office: “Relax!” by Draco. Yes, we’ve had him on before, so if you like, you can read through the interview with him again.  However, what he does is always great,  and this tee transports a really beautiful image: Just lie down on a meadow and let only your imagination work.

Chance Of Rain

Chance Of Rain

Jeff Sheldon‘s “Chance Of Rain” is more suitable for rainy weather though. A bit of black humour is in these funny falling particles, thinking something like “S**t, we’re doomed!” Let these colored drops lighten up your grey days (as we have them now in Germany)!

Everyone Can Be An Artist Kit

Everyone Can Be An Artist Kit

Finally from Aliadotony there is his “Everyone Can Be An Artist”-Kit. Which fits the philosophy of Scribtee perfectly: Everyone can be a T-Shirt designer. You design, we make tees. However, the funny thing with these “You can do art!”-kits is still you gotta know how to use them in order to create something really prizeworthy. Tony sure knows how to use his tools. 

Maybe your artworks will find their way on a Scribtee one day, so grab your Artist Kit and participate!

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