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The price goes to … Germany. Twice. Again. Hey, international Designers: how about catching up a bit?

Well, we should acknowledge that DXTRs first score here at Scribtee is a collaboration with French designer Reack. And the design itself is totally American: donuts, bullets, cops & coffee. So there should be enough international flavour for this to be a popular Scribtee: You’re under arrest, cause you’re the best. I just had to think of that awesome Mercury Rev video


Dxtr: You are a winner, cause you’re the best.

Drrrrriiiiiiiiiiinnng! Wake Up! You wimpy grub!

6265Peachbeach‘s Attila Szamosi turned the annoying ring of the alarm clock into a cutting-edge design! After Face Tattoo this is the second time he has a submission turned into a shirt.

Even though there’s nothing to like about annoying alarm clocks, there is much to like about this design. Congrats to Attila and to Dxtr who both are rewarded with 500 $ and a 50$ coupon.

And we also have a second prize this time: Ignacio from Spain sent us this funny interpretation of the tale of little red riding hood. With this shirt you might have something to explain to children… but this is worth the fun.


Little red cap wins 300 $ and a 50 $ shopping coupon.


500 big boys plus 50 more worth of clothing goodness that is. Congratulations to the scribtee contest winners of the last month:


Ilja provides the design for the boy’s shirts with his facetattoo. Geez, Face Tattoos are a really freaky and kinda scary thing. Luckily this doesn’t stop this great drawing from being an awesome T-shirt design.

For the ladies we have something from the real estate section:


Ninhol‘s cosy Favela is constructed in his very own patchwork style. On your chest it will surely become the place to be.

Felicidades to the designers. You think you can do better? Then show us your T-shirt designs at the scribtee site!

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