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Howdy ho! Long enough they were waiting, now these designs find themselves on T-shirts.

Please give a warm welcome to the newcomers in the Scribtee range, fresh pressed:

Robots Don’t Dream by “Snewo” aka Mark Owens.

Wake Up! The Horrible Alarm Clock, well known by every working man. A lovely illustration by Attila Szamosi of Peachbeach.

Testbild – with 24/7 TV programme coverage a nostalgia thing of the past. Memorized by Benjamin Kohl aka whyme. If you want to know more about what TV showed in its early days, you really should check this site: (in German).


Sorry, they’re in the winners section a coupole of days already, but like all the winners before they deserve to be announced properly. Especially it was not easy to get picked amongst all these good designs that came in the past month. It was not easy to pick the definite winners with that number of great designs, and there were many tees that were close at the top by scoring points and overall awesomeness.

However, we congratulate those who made it:

Aliadotony, who scores his third big prize after What I Am Made Of and Everyone Can Be An Artist Kit (which is almost sold out unfortunately). It’s called Blame it on the TV, and there is a lot of things to discover on it. To appreciate what you only could have a slight idea of in the preview.


click to enlarge

Second, more excellent line work comes from French designer Alain aka. digaster. His beautiful drawing of a boat called “La Mer” is characterized by excellent linework full of verve. We’re certain that these will be two excellent tees.

Congratulations to Tony and Alain, a big shoutout to the close follow-ups (CeKa, TheW, dxtr, MikeF and … digaster again). Keep submitting this excellent work, because the contest goes on and on and on.

After an unusually long round  (due to illness and other adversities) you may clap your hands now for those Designs that convinced you and us the most in October and November:

Test Image

#1: whyme aka Benny Kohl who manages to score his third Scribtee with his Design Test Image. Caution, wet paint!

#2: Mark Owens aka Snewo (!ti desseug uoY) with his nice thinking robot design Robots Don’t Dream. This title also is a question answered

Congrats to both Designers! Sorry for all the other amazing designs in the contest. I’ll do a honorable mentions series for you again, some time soon….

The price goes to … Germany. Twice. Again. Hey, international Designers: how about catching up a bit?

Well, we should acknowledge that DXTRs first score here at Scribtee is a collaboration with French designer Reack. And the design itself is totally American: donuts, bullets, cops & coffee. So there should be enough international flavour for this to be a popular Scribtee: You’re under arrest, cause you’re the best. I just had to think of that awesome Mercury Rev video


Dxtr: You are a winner, cause you’re the best.

Drrrrriiiiiiiiiiinnng! Wake Up! You wimpy grub!

6265Peachbeach‘s Attila Szamosi turned the annoying ring of the alarm clock into a cutting-edge design! After Face Tattoo this is the second time he has a submission turned into a shirt.

Even though there’s nothing to like about annoying alarm clocks, there is much to like about this design. Congrats to Attila and to Dxtr who both are rewarded with 500 $ and a 50$ coupon.

And we also have a second prize this time: Ignacio from Spain sent us this funny interpretation of the tale of little red riding hood. With this shirt you might have something to explain to children… but this is worth the fun.


Little red cap wins 300 $ and a 50 $ shopping coupon.

We are happy two announce the next winners.

Rachel Bilson T-Shirt

Rachel Bilson T-Shirt

Nature was my mother

Nature was my mother

First off, here is a work of Kevoe, a new artist at “Rachel Bilson” was his first submission to scribtee – and woosh! Here he is as a winner. Of course the beauty of actress Bilson helped here, but the way he conceived it as a shirt makes this a well deserved prize. Hope to see more from you in the future, Kev.
Second, here’s the second great prize in a row for Berlin design wunderkind Lars “The W” Wunderlich from Peachbeach designer collective. Whatever it is he depicted there – it is freaking freaky to the max. Yet he called it “Nature was my mother“. So, have some understanding for weird creatures with a bunch of tubes and tentacles as a face. Nature made them, just like me and you.


No limits for my imagination“, created by French artist CasaJordi is out. Admittedly, there are older Designs waiting to be released, but we are still working on optimizing these. We didn’t want to hold back this one though, and the results were quite good. We did this one in direct print in case you wonder why we skipped our five colour rule.

We are happy to say that this incredible collage came out with brilliance in all of its details. Here is the design in bigger than on the scribtee site so you can fully appreciate what this Photoshop-Kurt Schwitters has crafted together: 


Much more of CasaJordis stunning work can be seen on his Blog.

Hey, and Twitterers – we need your help to get this up on DayTee.

…  generally and especially tapes !


This is the second Scribtee by Jonas “JonEz!” Kakoschke, creator of the great Free Hugs T-Shirt. You can read an interview with him here.

A tribute to tapes. Now that we’re used to play mp3s when we’re out tapes have run out of uses – except for triggering this certain mixtape nostalgia and looking awesome on T-shirts.

Never stop playing” is in the shop now.


Geez. I feel slighty bad posting this, while the radio newsman tells us the news from Italy. Our thoughts are with the earthquake victims. A friend from Rome just told me he woke up last night with his bed rocking like a cradle.

Well, anyway, this is not a news blog, so if you’re interested in reading more about the earthquake go inform yourself on other sites. And come back if you’re in the mood for art, Design and insights into the work of a Designer. Mr. Giovanni “Minimalsonic” Ricchi presumably was not affected by the catastrophy in any way unless he incidentally lingered in the affected areas. Let the talking begin:


Please introduce yourself in a few words.
I’m Giovanni and I come from Cesena, a little town in the east coast of Italy… i hate winter and love colors..

Are you a full time graphic designer?
Yes I am, I work in a graphic design studio during the day and I do my personal projects in the night.

Where can we see more of your work?
in my portfolio

How did you get the idea for your T-shirt? Are you a Heavy Metal fan yourself?
The idea came to me one day, looking at the illustrator rules (a thing I look at for so many hours in front of my monitor everyday).
I love to play with words and their multiple meanings…  so the idea was born!
Personally I never listened Heavy Metal, I was into the Hard Core/Punk scene, powerful music as well…


What are favourite bands then? What music do you like to listen to while working?
I don’t know… I think Judas Priest ever made me curious.
When I work I play my iTunes in shuffle mode.. a blend of hip hop, techno, dubstep, raggae…

On the visual side: what art has inspired you?
My roots are in graffiti and skate culture, a real art movement!

The words consist of rulers. One thing that occured to me: shouldn’t the scale show sixes instead of nines? Or are these rulers with the scale on the bottom side?
Obviously the numbers are 6…6…6… !

Your general opinion on scribtee? What could we improve (besides the long wait for the tees to come out which we promise to improve).
I think your work is great! You give the opportunity to designers to show their work and this is the biggest thing you can do!

We ended another contest round, this time a prolonged one. The Lulu & Jimi movie t-shirt contest took some of our ressources, just like the bomb we’re building with our main page

However, enough excuses, here they are:


Mr. JonEz! from Berlin, Germany (Yay!) gave us something to grin at with his Design: Fuck Free Hugs! Got Free Fucks! Sounds a bit rude, but JonEz! has enough art skills to put this idea into a design that is well worth being a Scribtee. Congratulations.  Check out JonEz!’s site


Artill from Trier, Germany sets a counterbalance with his “Muse” – an imposting, almost classical design of Zeus’ daughter, the goddess of creativity. What could fit better to Scribtee? She shall be our patron from now on! His preview image only gives a hint of these fine details, so expect an awesome T-shirt. We can’t wait to see it. Meanwhile, check out Artill’s site:

Two guys from Germany whose sites start with “art”.  A nice ending to this round. Meanwhile the battle rages on at

Video Contest

Let’s say two people, a man and a woman, walk up a brightly lit stage, spotlights following. Both wear extremely expensive fancy dresses and both burst with style and charisma. Under massive cheer and applause of a huge crowd they walk their way to a podium. The woman clears her throat then bends over the microphone to annonce:

“Shirtcity’s video contest has found its end and we were not disappointed. Once again our worldwide community has proven its creativity.”

The man adds: “And just as we expected the incoming videos covered a wide range of styles. Mini drama, animation or just experi… mental (laughter)

“You were great! We’d like to thank everybody who participated. Thank you, each and every one of you!” (applause)

Smart and charming woman: “And now, without further ado, we’d like to announce the winners of 2008’s Shirtcity T-Shirt-video contest. The main prize of 1000 Euro goes to …”


… Felix Müller for his video ‘Wear your own style!‘ ” (fanfares, standing ovations)


“We sincerely hope that he has recovered from his pneumonia that he has most likely gotten shooting this video. (laughter) With this award we’d like to honor the good idea, the great execution and the music contributed by the man himself!”  

(Shake hands, handing out award, music, frenzy. After the scene calmed down again: )

We have more winners. The silver medal and the special price in the categories “best animation” and “best art direction” are awarded with 50€ and a Magix Video Deluxe-software package. And this goes to:


“… for her beautiful execution of a Shirt-city! A city made of shirts!” (applause)

“The third prize goes to the Netherlands! In the categories “best love scene” and “best mixture of media” we award: De Kosmische Avonturen van Kin und Eline! (applause) You will find more adventures of the two protagonists at designed and executed by Kin Mok.”


“Once again, we’d like to thank all participants. All the nominees will receive their thank you letters soon. A special thanks goes to our video partner Dailymotion! We hope to see you again! Thank you, good night !!”

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