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Video Contest

Let’s say two people, a man and a woman, walk up a brightly lit stage, spotlights following. Both wear extremely expensive fancy dresses and both burst with style and charisma. Under massive cheer and applause of a huge crowd they walk their way to a podium. The woman clears her throat then bends over the microphone to annonce:

“Shirtcity’s video contest has found its end and we were not disappointed. Once again our worldwide community has proven its creativity.”

The man adds: “And just as we expected the incoming videos covered a wide range of styles. Mini drama, animation or just experi… mental (laughter)

“You were great! We’d like to thank everybody who participated. Thank you, each and every one of you!” (applause)

Smart and charming woman: “And now, without further ado, we’d like to announce the winners of 2008’s Shirtcity T-Shirt-video contest. The main prize of 1000 Euro goes to …”


… Felix Müller for his video ‘Wear your own style!‘ ” (fanfares, standing ovations)


“We sincerely hope that he has recovered from his pneumonia that he has most likely gotten shooting this video. (laughter) With this award we’d like to honor the good idea, the great execution and the music contributed by the man himself!”  

(Shake hands, handing out award, music, frenzy. After the scene calmed down again: )

We have more winners. The silver medal and the special price in the categories “best animation” and “best art direction” are awarded with 50€ and a Magix Video Deluxe-software package. And this goes to:


“… for her beautiful execution of a Shirt-city! A city made of shirts!” (applause)

“The third prize goes to the Netherlands! In the categories “best love scene” and “best mixture of media” we award: De Kosmische Avonturen van Kin und Eline! (applause) You will find more adventures of the two protagonists at designed and executed by Kin Mok.”


“Once again, we’d like to thank all participants. All the nominees will receive their thank you letters soon. A special thanks goes to our video partner Dailymotion! We hope to see you again! Thank you, good night !!”


Hey Folks. Let us give the world to you! (spot the reference?)

We put a new t-shirt online today. It’s from serial Design contest winner Ninhol from Brazil (who has already given us the cosy Favela for girls and the lovely Luz lightbulb. He continues his patch rug style and has created an image of the whole world. With its very own borders though.


The “World Map” T-Shirt is ready for purchase now. Find more about Ninhol here and visit his awesome website, too.

Cheers everyone!

Happy new year first! Let’s make this an excellently dressed year. And screw the economical crisis or whatever they want to tell us that will happen. It won’t be so bad. For sure. Love, music, art, fun and T-shirts will still be great in 2009.

We announce the winners of the last round of our Design contest. And this time there’ll be 1000 € going from to Germany to … Germany. Yes, two people from our homebase took it away. Of course they didn’t win the contest for patriotic reasons. Just because they made great designs.


Ladies first: Karen Czock pictured this iconic ” Main Stream” . She wrote “Half long hair, jeans – what ever happened to individuality?” Yes, it’s the old problem with fashions: How can you express your individuality when there’s hundreds of other guys/ people who look the same? Hint from my own experience: being a T-shirt nerd already helps this out a bit. Unless you think this is not enough and you decide to dress in a completely Pippi-Langstrumpf-random way. Up to you.


Guys second but not least: Jott sent us the awesome “All In Me“. A shirt that will make you feel holey like a swiss cheese. Good fun though.

Congratulations to those two! Meanwhile the show goes on at Send us your tee designs now …

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